Dynamic Dashboards in Excel


Dashboards are really a great tool to Visualize the data and help to find insights from the datasets. it helps to organize and present the data in a easy graphical format. There are lot of tools available in market which help you to visualize your dataset in a pretty decent formats. However Excel & Google Spreadsheets are the most widely tool for data analytics across the industries.…

Scrape & analyze data using google sheet in less than a minute

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 21.41.51
Web scraping is defined as the process to extract the data from web HTML pages and use it further for Data Analysis. So far I was using Python Scrapy, Beautiful Soup to extract the data online from web. I had been using Python libraries to extract the HTML table data from wikipedia or other sites for my analysis purpose, which means writing lines of code, cleaning the data and then using it for Analytics. if you are from programming background you might find it interesting to use Python or R for this, However Google Sheets have made all this process very simple to download from the web online in one click and further analyze and visualize.

Geo Maps in Google Sheets

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Geo Maps are very useful when you want to show the data and distribution across the globe, Your data can be anything ranging from Sales, Profit, Health Care, Users, Population etc. With the help of google sheet you can import your data set and get a Geo map very quickly and without much of efforts.…

How to read pdf files in your Kindle

Most of the times we have the PDF format for the book and would like to read that on our Kindle ebook Reader, However if you directly upload the PDF file on your kindle ebook reader by connecting to your PC or Mac then the file is not in a readable format and the text size will be small enough and cannot be zoomed using text size key.

you can convert the PDF file to readable kindle format by following these simple steps:…