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Facebook Knows what's there in your photo

Our job is done after we uploaded the photos to facebook and shared with friends and family but Facebook takes it one step forward and see what exactly you are doing in the photo. I w...

In Jul 17, 2017

Pandas in a nutshell


In Data Science, Python, Jul 16, 2017

A Glimpse of Jupyterlab


In Python, Jul 15, 2017

Merge Images with Python


In Python, Jul 12, 2017

Reading Google Sheets data using Python

Google docs are one of the widely used tools across the industry and the spreadsheets are used to store lot of our data, which we would want to access anytime for data analysis or any...

In google sheet, Jul 04, 2017

Google Assistant Amazing Tricks - Flip a Coin and many more

Google Assistant is really a cool feature and almost comes with all the compatible devices now. In my Samsung S8 to get started I have to just say “Ok Google” and it opens up. Remembe...

In Jul 02, 2017

Your Macbook can Speak

Did you ever feel tired reading the files on your macbook or just wanted to close your eyes and relax on your couch and let your macbook read the files loud for you? it’s not a dream,...

In Jul 01, 2017