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Index & Match Formula in Excel

Index & Match are very powerful lookup formula in Excel. Many of you will be familiar with the vlookup formula but Index & Match beats vlookup in many aspects and that’s the r...

In Jul 01, 2017

Dynamic Dashboards in Excel

In Jul 01, 2017

Cool Gmail Tricks for Everybody

Gmail is one of the widely used email in the world and it’s always good to know some of it’s hidden & magic features which can ease your day to day task.

In Jun 30, 2017

How to read pdf files in your Kindle

Most of the times we have the PDF format for the book and would like to read that on our Kindle ebook Reader, However if you directly upload the PDF file on your kindle ebook reader b...

In Jun 26, 2017

Geo Maps in Google Sheets

In Jun 26, 2017

How to share files in same network

if you have a file with huge size to share to your colleagues, friends then you have only two options either zip, attach and send thru email or share it on any file hosting services l...

In Jun 25, 2017

Download youtube video using python

It’s a real excitement Watching Youtube videos offline by downloading it to your desktop or laptop without the hustle of network glitch. Most of the Plugins or Browser extension or Ad...

In Jun 23, 2017