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Read Google Spreadsheet data into Pandas Dataframe

Many a times it happens that we have our data stored on a Google drive and to analyze that data we have to export the data as csv or xlsx and store it on a disk to convert into a data...

In Data Science, google sheet, Pandas, Python, Dec 25, 2018

Get your programming queries answered using howdoi

Finally I found that: “howdoi” a python library which answers all your programming queries thru a command line interface

In Dec 19, 2018

Google's Dataset Search Engine

As a Data Scientist, One of the major challenge is to hunt for the dataset sources and normal web search engines doesn’t help much here. So to overcome this problem google has launche...

In Nov 07, 2018

Google Facets - An Open Source Tool to Analyze & Visualize your data

The major challenge which a data scientists face today is to visualize or understand the data and spot the complexity within the given data set and which results in spending lot of ti...

In Data Science, Oct 07, 2017

Draw Pencil Sketches and Play with Photos

During my childhood, I was always fascinated to have my Pencil sketch and impress my school mates. However at that time it wasn’t an easy job for school goers like me to get this done...

In Python, Aug 15, 2017

Web Scraping Made Easy


In Data Science, Python, Jul 22, 2017