Welcome to my blog Kanoki. It’s a blog about cool tech stuffs mostly related to Python, Automation, Data Science, Statistics and Maths. I write Tech in a simple & sober way for anyone to understand. Remember the famous quote from Albert Einstein:

    	If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

The articles posted on this blog are primarily for beginners and focus on basics because I believe basics are the building blocks for anything in life and if you master the basics then learning advance things is a cake walk.

Who Am I?

I love blogging and I’m a Data Enthusiast, Tech Evangelist and Automates things and if you have any such interest then you will feel at home on my blog. You can learn how to automate daily stuffs, Data Visualization, Data Analysis and Python cool tricks. I’m a regular speaker at tech conferences and last year(2016) presented my work in Selenium India Conference in Bangalore and Python India Conference (Pycon 2016) New Delhi

My Blog!!

I’ve a good number of users on my blog and as of July-2020 I have ~75000 monthly users with a over 100000 page views. I write what I like and not for Google or Search Engines to rank my blog.

And Yes, I write Tech not English !!


Some of my blogs featured in frontpage of Hackernews as well:



I love everything about Maths and hungry for everything related to it. I don’t like to learn any stuffs unless I understand the Maths underneath. Well someone said this whole universe is built on Maths and it’s everywhere.

Some cool stuffs about Maths:

  • Divide the distance between earth and Sun by Diameter of Sun and that gives ~108

  • Divide the distance between earth and Moon by Diameter of Moon and that gives ~108

  • Moon makes complete orbit around the earth in 28 days and it controls the earth axis which is tilted at 23.5 degrees.

Now read those numbers 108, 28*10=280 and 23.5 and see if it is related to anything in your life? Yes it is, find it out.

Contact Me:

please reach out to me via email at kanoki.org@gmail.com if you have any suggestions, feedback or ever feel like posting any Tech stuffs on my blog as a guest post.