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Most of the times we have the PDF format for the book and would like to read that on our Kindle ebook Reader, However if you directly upload the PDF file on your kindle ebook reader by connecting to your PC or Mac then the file is not in a readable format and the text size will be small enough and cannot be zoomed using text size key.

you can convert the PDF file to readable kindle format by following these simple steps:

  1. Login to Amazon account and go to Kindle Settings page and under approved personal document email list, Add your personal email address

  2. Now under Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings, add your Kindle’s email address.  This address will have domain yourusername@kindle.com.  This is the address to send the PDF files.

  3. Login to your email account from browser and attach the PDF file you want to read and enter these details To: youraccountname@kindle.comSubject: Convert and press send button

  4. Open your kindle reader(connect to wifi or 3G) and wait for the file to download

  5. Voila, Your PDF is in Kindle format and available under your library list