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Google Assistant is really a cool feature and almost comes with all the compatible devices now. In my Samsung S8 to get started I have to just say “Ok Google” and it opens up. Remember you have to train it first 3 times to open using this command. Now many of us are only restricted to calling someone or setting the reminders  using this feature. But it can do more than that for you and here are some of it’s really amazing feature which can make you dumbstruck.

  • Flip a Coin

When your brain stops to take a decision and you rely on coin to choose best among the two choices then Google Assistant can help you. Just ask “Flip a Coin


  • Play Your Daily Briefing

Say Good Morning or Good Afternoon or Good Evening to your Google Assistant and it will brief you the time, weather and News.


  • Sing Happy Birthday Song

You want your phone to sing Happy Birthday song from Google, Say “Sing Happy Birthday” and it will sing a nice song for you.


  • Translate in your language

Google Assistant can translate anything in your language and speaks for you also for Pronunciation. In India, As of now only Hindi is supported for voice and for other Indian languages it will just print the translated text. However it supports all International languages.


  • Remembers your stuffs

Many of us forget where we keep our stuffs and then keep searching and asking people for it, especially when you park your car in a busy parking lot of airport or malls, You left your car keys or your wife gave you a fat list of grocery. Google Assistant can remember everything for you and reminds you when you ask for it.


Now you want Google to forget where is your car parked, Just say “Forget about my Car” and it will delete all the stored history