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Our job is done after we uploaded the photos to facebook and shared with friends and family but Facebook takes it one step forward and see what exactly you are doing in the photo. I was really shocked to know this when I checked Developer console of my facebook photo, it clearly says that I’m a guy standing outside under the sky and wearing a shoes. Isn’t that amazing? Facebook does recognize all the objects in the photo, which is highly valuable.

With the rise of Machine learning, Now it’s possible to even read your photos and find out the number of people, the surroundings and wearables. We recently knew about the facebook face recognition feature, which really helps to identify & tag the people in the picture. Now with the advent of neural networks, Image Recognition technology uses deep convolutional networks to read your photos. Thanks to the enhanced & improved deep learning algorithms and computing technologies which made all this possible

this is my facebook pic, it identifies everything correctly, Check the alt tag under blue line highlighted in the developer console.