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We live in a world full of data . Some of these data we choose to reveal and publish on Facebook,Google and Other social media sites. This includes our personal pics,tweets etc. I am happy to use a social media platform to share some of my personal moments with my friends and near ones and glad to see their comments and likes on my post.

You are being Watched

There is another side to this where someone is collecting our transactional data that we are not even aware off. The purchases we do or the credit card bank details that is being shared to make these purchases. Recently when I was working on a business plan and during the survey I came to know that how all the security cameras installed all over the malls, airports, train stations, parking areas are scanning images to generate analytics for No. of footfall counts and match our faces with their criminal database.

Next time be careful when you are doing a window shopping you might being watched by the mannequins. There is a new product EyeSee Mannequins developed by a company in Italy which captures your behaviours as a customer.

Did you ever ask yourself why we need to switch on our location to share my pic? or Share your location with the Cab Services? When I can easily enter textual address or location? Is someone peeping into my life and monitoring my habits?

For a Credit Card purchase or to open a new Bank account I am bound to share my personal details and other credentials to prove that I am a citizen of the nation who wants to open an account to park his/her own hard earned money.

Google Captures your Purchase Details

Here is the master Stroke by google who captures all my purchases even on a non-google sites like Amazon, flipkart, Ali baba etc.

Check this url: https://myaccount.google.com/purchases

This is a high time now and everyone who is using my data without an affirmative consent should be penalized. Our Politicians needs to review our Data protection laws and should have stringent rules to fine and penalize the one who are violating.

What’s the Future?

We are living in a scary world and I DO NOT want someone to use my personal data to grow their business or run analytics without my consent.

During a Census (the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population) I willingly share my personal details such as Name, Age, Gender, Employment Status, Salary details to the agency so that they can take a better decision in providing the government schemes and services like how many new roads to be built, Town Planning, Employment Generation etc.

With the volume of data growing every now and then and without a robust data privacy laws it makes an insecure future for our Next Generation.

Check here to learn How Google stores our personal data and how it can be accessed.

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