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What is numpy.where()

numpy.where(condition[, x, y])

Return elements chosen from x or y depending on condition

if condition is true then x else y


x, y : array_like


Output is a ndarray

An array with elements from x where condition is True, and elements from y elsewhere

how to use numpy.where()

First create an Array

x = np.arange(9)


array([ 0,  1,  4,  9, 16, 25,  6,  7,  8])

Now we will Square all the elements in array which is greater than 5 ( x>5 )

np.where(x>5, x**2, x)


array([ 0,  1,  2,  3,  4,  5, 36, 49, 64])

The output is a ndarray where all the elements >5 are squared and elements <5 remains same

numpy.where() with 2D array

First create a 3X3 matrix

import numpy as np
x = np.arange(9.).reshape(3, 3)


array([[0., 1., 2.],
       [3., 4., 5.],
       [6., 7., 8.]])

Now Find all the elements in this matrix which is greater than 5


Note: we are not giving any value for x and y here, just passing the condition i.e. x>5


(array([2, 2, 2], dtype=int64), array([0, 1, 2], dtype=int64))

The output is 2 1D arrays containing index of matching rows and columns

if you check the following elements in original array they will be greater than 5

(2,0) is 6 , (2,1) is 7 and (2,2) is 8

if you want the elements directly then

x[np.where( x > 5 )]


array([6., 7., 8.])

numpy.where() with boolean array as condition

Create list of some values

values = [3, 4, 7]

Get boolean array where original array contains the elements in values list above

ix = np.isin(x, values)


array([[False, False, False],
       [ True,  True, False],
       [False,  True, False]])

Now we will feed this output to numpy.where to get all the values in original array matching the elements in value list



 array([3., 4., 7.])

Output is the list of elements in original array matching the items in value list


In this post we have seen how numpy.where() function can be used to filter the array or get the index or elements in the array where conditions are met

Additionally, We can also use numpy.where() to create columns conditionally in a pandas datafframe

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