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Gmail is one of the widely used email in the world and it’s always good to know some of it’s hidden & magic features which can ease your day to day task.

Tip 1: Personal Indicator

Have you ever been in a situation where you would like to know whether the email is sent to you directly or it is sent to a group of users or colleagues. Then gmail has a great feature called “Personal Level Indicators” which Displays an arrow (  ) by messages sent to your address (not a mailing list), and a double arrow ( » ) by messages sent only to you. Go to Settings > General > Personal Level Indicator

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Tip 2: Undo Sent Emails

Sometime after sending an email you realized that OMG, i forget to add the specific details in the email or I forget to add any of the recipient in the email or Sent an email to wrong recipients, so do you have any undo button for this? Answer is Yes, Gmail provide an undo button for maximum of 30 secs after sending the email. So as soon as you send the email Gmail wait for you to undo in next 30 secs, so you get a lifeline for 20 secs to undo and rectify your email. Go to Settings > General > Undo Send

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